An intense taste of Lenny Kravitz’s new series of photographs

October 5, 2018

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A multicultural and multigenerational icon, Lenny Kravitz’s power of attraction is quite unique, forming groups where visions clash, and movements spontaneously emerge. These photographs taken by Kravitz himself were shot during one night in his villa in Los Angeles, where he gathered singer and actress Zoë Kravitz, fashion model Abbey Lee, actress Susan Sarandon, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, actor Harvey Keitel, footballer Hidetoshi Nakata, and fashion designer Alexander Wang.

© Lenny Kravitz for Dom Pérignon

Lenny Kravitz captured his guests in the moment with his Leica camera, with a sharp contrast and framing that capture the personality of each artist. Together, the photographs constitute a living memory of this ephemeral and intense assemblage, which combines different people, worlds, disciplines and generations, providing opportunities to meet and share, to enjoy and create.

© Lenny Kravitz for Dom Pérignon

Produced in collaboration with the French vintage champagne brand Dom Pérignon, the photographs are now part of an exhibition – titled “Assemblage” and currently on view at Skylight Modern in New York – as well as an international advertising campaign.

The show is a recreation and transcription of a memorable, inspiring evening that the public did not have a chance to experience. Several material witnesses of the moment enable to identify with the spirit of that gathering. Here, ideas bounce off one another and Lenny Kravitz creates the connections while Dom Pérignon acts as the catalyst, springing from authentic affinity and mutual respect.

© Lenny Kravitz for Dom Pérignon
© Lenny Kravitz for Dom Pérignon

About the project, he writes:

If you think this is just a party, then you are mistaken.
If you think this is just a place, then you are misinformed.
Because this isn’t just a place. It’s the place where it happens.
Whatever ‘IT’ is.
In places like this, a guest list becomes a list of ingredients
for making an unforeseen inspiring human blend.
A volatile assemblage of individuals who have a connection,
an attraction, and a common spark ready to ignite.
In places like this, we bring together the blindingly famous
and the proudly obscure. The shamelessly original
and the quiet genius, the crazy smart, and the smart crazy.

all of these live wires: high voltage souls, high wattage minds,
eager to be connected, eager to meet, eager to collide
and to inspire one another.
In places like this, notions clash and ideas flash,
and inspiration is so alive, you can practically touch it,
taste it.

Lenny Kravitz’s love for creativity in every form has led him to transcend the frontiers of disciplines as he explores music and design, cinema and photography. As Creative Director and Photographer of Dom Pérignon, he was given complete freedom for this artistic project. Within this group of exceptional talents, he captured intense moments and revived the concept of a circle by bringing together singular personalities. “Assemblage” is Lenny Kravitz’s second photography exhibition after “Flash” in 2015.

Assemblage exhibition at Skylight Modern

Assemblage by Lenny Kravitz – Inspired by Dom Pérignon

September 9 to October 6, 2018

Skylight Modern
537 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

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