Benjamin Fredrickson’s Fetishist Photographs

January 2, 2020


Daniel Cooney Fine Art presents Benjamin Fredrickson’s second solo exhibition of photographs. 


In this exhibition on view at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in New York, Benjamin Fredrickson continues to walk the line between raunch and exquisite beauty. He expresses desire with finely tuned explicit imagery and he explores vanity, fetish, exhibitionism and photographing as an erotic act. He also implicates himself as a blissful observer and participant of erotic play.

© Benjamin Fredrickson – Courtesy Daniel Cooney Fine Art

The show includes small scale black and white and color photographs made with paper negatives and traditional large format analog film. Many of the photographs have been created in Fredrickson’s basement studio with lighting alluding to his artistic ancestors George Platt Lynes, The Athletic Model Guild and Robert Mapplethorpe among others. As this is Fredrickson’s first exhibition since the introduction of PrEP perhaps we see he and his subjects with more emotional and physical liberty and less fear.

© Benjamin Fredrickson – Courtesy Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Fredrickson also pays homage to centuries of traditional art genres with his models unceremoniously submitting to observation by him and the gallery audience. An astute observer will see references to 19th century photographic portraiture and early European painting. The observer will also be lured to examine seductive bodies contorted and exposed for their consideration.

© Benjamin Fredrickson – Courtesy Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Benjamin Fredrickson: Photographs

November 7 – December 20, 2019
Daniel Cooney Fine Art
508 – 526 West 26th Street, #9C
New York, NY 10001


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