Exhibition November 15, 2018 Vivian Maier’s unseen and poetic color pictures

Having seen plenty of her photographs in recent years, we might have gotten used to the idea that Vivian Maier was a classic black & white street photographer. With the exhibition of her color work at the Howard Greenberg gallery in New York, we learn that the American photographer liked showing the world in a less frozen way.

Exhibition November 14, 2018 Fred McDarrah, photographer of New York’s post-war counterculture

For more than 50 years, photographer Fred W. McDarrah (1926–2007) told the story of artists and writers who made New York the center of post-war culture through his images published in the Village Voice, where he was the only staff photographer and was its first picture editor.

Exhibition November 11, 2018 Exploring the aftermath of the atomic bomb through tintypes

On August 9, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the town of Nagasaki, a short distance from the home of Michael Koerner’s mother. The chemical fallout from the bomb instantly killed tens of thousands of people, and left many more reeling from its effects for the rest of their lives.

Exhibition November 9, 2018 Hondros and Hetherington: War and peace in Liberia

American photographers Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros’ powerful images played an important role in moving the world to action and ultimately bringing the Liberian Civil Wars (1999-2003) to an end.

Exhibition November 8, 2018 Spontaneous but fictional moments of the American life, by Mary Frey

Mary Frey’s entirely preconceived images, which appear documentary at first sight, depict middle class Americans going about their daily routines. Their appearance is meant to question the “truth” of the camera’s vision. But they also tell intriguing fictional mini-stories.

Exhibition November 6, 2018 New York City Down and Out, by Jean-Pierre Laffont

In the 1960s and 70s, New York was dirty and dangerous. This same period also saw the creativity of the counterculture movement, the vibrancy of the sexual revolution, the birth of civil rights, gay and women’s movements. These contradictions inspired photojournalist Jean-Pierre Laffont to document it all.

Exhibition November 1, 2018 Danny Lyon: The only thing I saw worth leaving

From November 2 through December 19, 2018, The David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University in Providence, RI is presenting a special exhibition of more than 100 photographs by Danny Lyon drawn from the Gallery’s collection and four films on loan from the artist.

Exhibition October 25, 2018 Careful photographs of the elusive Caspian Sea

In 2010, the artist Chloe Dewe Mathews traveled overland from China to the United Kingdom. When she arrived on the shores of the Caspian Sea, she began documenting scenes that intrigued her: stonemasons with their faces covered…

Exhibition October 5, 2018 An intense taste of Lenny Kravitz’s new series of photographs

Produced in collaboration with the French vintage champagne brand Dom Pérignon, these photographs by singer Lenny Kravitz are now part of an exhibition – titled “Assemblage” and currently on view at Skylight Modern in New York – as well as an international advertising campaign.

Exhibition October 4, 2018 Inside/ Out: Self, Family, Memory, Loss, Displacement, Catastrophe

Inside/Out: Family, Memory, Loss, Displacement, Catastrophe, curated by photo historian Carole Naggar, is a compelling investigation into the self-published photobooks which serve as a vehicle for personal and intimate narratives.

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