Exhibition November 29, 2019 Stephen Wilkes, A Witness to Change

“Day to Night” is an ongoing global photographic project that visualizes an entire day in one image. Stephen Wilkes here photographs from a fixed perspective from dawn until night, capturing myriad moments in extraordinary locations around the world. While the earth rotates on its axis, Wilkes’ camera absorbs the changes in light and color, exploring the space-time continuum within astonishing two-dimensional still photographs.

Exhibition November 27, 2019 Raul Corrales, a Cuban “uptopia”

Raul Corrales was Castro’s official photographer from 1959 to 1961. While his colleague Alberto Korda tended to glorify the revolution and its leaders, Corrales’s work was more subtle, reflecting the hardship of a small nation trying to find a new way. One example was a picture showing two pairs of legs outside a café, one wearing ragged trousers and barefoot, the other sporting crisp blue jeans, a leather machete sheath and fine laced boots – a telling reminder of inequality before the revolution.

Exhibition November 25, 2019 The Beauty of the Rainforest, As Seen by Richard Mosse

Richard Mosse’s new body of work, “Ultra”, captures the precious, irreplaceable beauty of the rainforest eco-system through a closely examined depiction of its plant and insect life. At a time when the fragile rainforest is under serious threat from population pressure, burning and deforestation, cattle farms, palm oil plantations, illegal goldmines, and other human-built infrastructure, Mosse investigates the complexity of its biome, its symbiotic relationships and interdependency.

Exhibition November 22, 2019 Rodrigo Valenzuela’s Critical Images of Polystyrene Constructions

“Past | Present”, Rodrigo Valenzuela’s newest solo exhibition is comprised of two parts: a selection of work from major series in photography, video and painting created between 2013 and 2018; and the debut of a new body of monochromatic photographs titled “Stature”.

Exhibition November 20, 2019 Brigitte Carnochan, Emily’s garden

Brigitte Carnochan new photographs are inspired by the poems of Emily Dickinson. Brigitte Carnochan and Emily Dickinson share a passion for flowers that inspire both their mediums. Carnochan’s career has centered around the sensuality and beauty of botanicals and nudes, and in this new work, she circles back to her original subject matter of nearly four decades ago when she began by painting on her gelatin silver floral images with oil paints.

Exhibition November 18, 2019 David Benjamin Sherry’s Colorful American Monuments

A master of bold, sensual color, David Benjamin Sherry ventures deep into the American wilderness and reimagines the surfaces of nature. Forming a brilliant spectrum from glowing red to radiant yellow and lush turquoise, his photographs engage questions of territoriality, land-use, ownership and preservation. This new series is currently on view at Salon 94 gallery in New York.

Exhibition November 15, 2019 Henry Chalfant: Art Vs. Transit, 1977-1987

Recognized as one of the most significant documentarians of subway art, Henry Chalfant’s photographs and films immortalized this ephemeral art form from its Bronx-born beginnings, helping to launch graffiti art into the international phenomenon it is today. The historic exhibition on view at Bronx Museum looks back at a rebellious art form launched in the midst of a tumultuous time in New York City history. Chalfant’s graffiti archives are a work of visual anthropology and one of the seminal documents of American popular culture in the late twentieth century.

Exhibition November 13, 2019 50 Years of U.S. and World History, As Seen by David Hume Kennerly

Spanning more than 50 years of history dating from 1965, the David Hume Kennerly archive features almost one million images, prints, objects, memorabilia, correspondence and documents. It includes iconic portraits of U.S. presidents, world leaders, celebrities and unknown individuals, as well as personal correspondence and mementos such as the helmet and cameras that Kennerly used while photographing the Vietnam War. The archive attests to the integrity of this news photographer’s career, as he trained his lens on history as it was being made—often providing exclusive documentation of momentous global events.

Exhibition November 11, 2019 Jean-François Bouchard, In Guns We Trust

In the exhibition In Guns We Trust, Jean-François Bouchard’s fleet of cinematic photographs, found objects, and video carve out a complex image of American gun culture deep in the heart of Arizona. Eerily lit, taken from aerial views, these vivid images relay the effects of a culture on the land while offering panoramic insight into a social sphere otherwise concealed.

Exhibition November 8, 2019 The Road to Potosí: Bolivian High Desert

Gwen Norton travelled through Bolivia to photograph its magnificent and most remote landscapes. His series of images is currently on view at Rogue Space, in New York, in an exhibition printed by Picto.

I dreamed of seeing Bolivia. It is one of the highest and most remote nations in South America. Despite being one of the world’s poorest countries, Bolivia is rich in cultural diversity and natural resources. Drawn by its isolation and the difficulty of travel, I wanted to go and try to capture its essence.

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