Exhibition March 7, 2019 Robert Frank’s unseen American photographs

A new exhibition at Danziger Gallery in New York is devoted to Robert Frank’s American photographs, his best known and arguably most important work. It is comprised of 40 photographs – 15 from Frank’s seminal book…

Exhibition March 6, 2019 Out of the Box: Camera-less Photography

From the earliest days of photography, artists have experimented with ways to record images without the use of a conventional camera apparatus. One of the acknowledged founders of the medium, the British inventor William Henry Fox Talbot…

Exhibition March 5, 2019 A Century of Lunar Photography and Beyond

The oldest surviving photographs of the moon were taken from an observatory in Westchester in the 1840s. Just over one hundred years later, in 1969, astronauts took photographs of the Earth from the moon’s surface.

Exhibition February 25, 2019 Resilient souls: the daily life of New Yorkers in crisis

Picto has proudly contributed to a new exhibition about homeless people in New York by French photographer Steve Fiehl. Steve has spent several months in the shelters and the programs of the Bowery Mission, the largest NGO to address the needs of New Yorkers in crisis

Exhibition February 22, 2019 Protest! 70 Years of American Resistance

A new exhibition in New York explores America’s history of protest through the work of Magnum photographers.

Exhibition February 21, 2019 Paolo Roversi’s intimate doubts

Featuring striking portraits that eloquently bridge the spheres of commercial photography and fine art, alongside interior studio scenes, a new exhibition in New York entitled “Paolo Roversi Doubts” offers an intimate look at over two decades of…

Exhibition February 20, 2019 Light & Dark: Portraits of distinguished African Americans

Keith de Lellis Gallery in New York currently presents a group exhibition of portraits depicting distinguished African American figures of the 20th century. Included are famed musicians, actors, writers, boxers, and more.

Exhibition February 19, 2019 Jinhyun Cha: Post-Border Line

“Post-Border Line” by South Korean documentary photographer Jinhyun Cha is a visual contemplation of the 160-mile border between North and South Korea and the ideologies that overlap within it.

Exhibition February 18, 2019 Birney Imes‘s rural Mississippi

“Found These Pictures”, a new series by Birney Imes merges the past and present of one of the most important photographers of the American South. In these timeless images, on view at A Gallery for Fine Photography in New Orleans, Imes focuses exclusively on…

Exhibition February 14, 2019 Long Light: Photographs by David Lebe

“Long Light”, on view at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, is the first survey devoted to American photographer David Lebe. This fascinating exhibition examines his remarkable artistic range and adventurous experimentation over five decades…

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