De Esteban and Fogelson’s graphic images of deconstructed objects

January 21, 2019


“On Plane View” is the title of a new exhibition in New York showcasing the photographs of artists Max de Esteban and Doug Fogelson. Whilst the artists are individually concerned with different narratives, the aesthetics of their work meet via a shared visual concept, that is concerned with a reduction of three-dimensional objects into flattened graphic shapes and the dispensing of linear perspective inherent in Western art.

© Doug Fogelson, Forms and Records No. 8, 2014-2015
© Max de Esteban, Its Refusal to Tolerate Moral Judgements, 2012

Doug Fogelson’s “Forms and Records”, explores the physicality and science of the photograph, through aformal exploration of objects, and their re-presentation as photograms. He works with objects that either have a linkto the natural world, or with outmoded technology such as vinyl records and architectural forms. The exhibition includes 7 unique silver gelatin photograms and 6 color, limited edition prints made from color transparency photograms. The photograms are created through a series of carefully considered multiple exposures, with the color work incorporating additive color mixing, and blending of light.

© Doug Fogelson, Forms and Records No. 1, 2014-2015
© Doug Fogelson, Forms and Records No. 5, 2014-2015

Max de Esteban’s four-part series, “Propositions”, explores technology and its impact on human social engagement. Across the series, de Esteban meticulously constructs photo-assemblages, utilizing the very digital tools being critiqued. The exhibition includes work from “Proposition Three: Touch Me Not”, which superimposes cell phones, gameboys and other instruments of social engagement. Also presented, is a lushly- colored, large-scale artwork from “Proposition Four: Heads Will Roll”, with which de Esteban merges and juxtaposes images, text and found objects—resulting in a cacophony of information that is at once dense with information yet visually legible.

© Max de Esteban, At Once Sacrilegious and Sacred, 2012
© Max de Esteban, A Reclassification of Public and Private Spaces, 2012

The exhibition runs concurrently with the European touring exhibition, “Bauhaus und die Fotographie” – the key exhibition presented to celebrate 100 years of the Bauhaus. Fogelson and Esteban, are two of the ten contemporary photographers curated into the exhibition, and considered to be exemplars of a new vision in contemporary art. For this exhibition, Klompching Gallery has brought together a selection of some of the same artworks.

© Doug Fogelson, Forms and Records BW No. 7, 2014-2015
© Max de Esteban, On The Fringe of the Production Process, 2012

Max de Esteban and Doug Fogelson, On Plane View

January 10–March 9, 2019

Klompching Gallery
89 Water St
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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