Exploring the no-man’s land of migration

December 7, 2018


As migration and displacement of population are ongoing global matters since a decade, a multidisciplinary exhibition at Blue Sky, the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts in Portland, presents the work of five lens-based artists exploring the subject: George Awde, Daniel Castro Garcia, Gohar Dashti, Tanya Habjouqa, and Stefanie Zofia Schulz.

© George Awde - from the series Beirut

Entitled “In Transit”, it focuses on the tentative, limbo-like experience of living between different cultures. The exhibition explores the stories of immigrants who traverse the no-man’s land that exists between home and hope.
The lives of those fleeing from unsafe, economically depressed homelands towards dreams of a more secure future are filled with boredom, sadness, fear, and apathy. They experience the deep absence of the loss of loved ones, familiar places, and citizenship. The photography and video works in this exhibition are created in Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, and Iran, and are testimonies to day-to-day survival alongside the struggle to find a sense of normalcy and stability and a place to call home.

© Gohar Dashti - from the series Stateless

Utilizing photography, performance and filmmaking, each body of work examines the experiences of those thrust into a culture that is markedly different from their own. These stories illustrate the physical and psychological challenges faced, while additionally looking at the deeper discussion of what constitutes citizenship in the wake of the enormous migrations into Europe.

©Stefani Zofia Schulz from the series Duldung Tolerance

Through their narratives, the artists strive to disrupt accepted misconceptions about immigration and otherness in order to tell a more accurate story. By collaborating with their subjects they give voice to those who must endure mountains of dead time while tangled up in bureaucracy in order to become more than merely “registered aliens.”

© Tanya Habouqa from the series Tomorrow there will be Apricots

In Transit

November 1–December 30, 2018

Blue Sky, the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts
122 NW 8th Avenue
Portland OR 97209


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