We ensure the professional development of silver film with the care that your shots deserve. Our unique approach eliminates scratches and defects caused by conventional means of film processing. We guarantee that your negatives retain the quality and care expected from Picto.

Standard C-41 and B+W

C-41 Normal Service is 6 hours
C-41 Rush Service is 2 hours (price x2)

Black & White Normal Service is 12 hours
Black & White Rush Service is 6 hours (price x2)

Special C-41 Processing

Normal Service is 48 hours for development
and 72 hours for development and proof

Rush Service is available.
Standard Push / Pull charges apply.

Proof Sheets C-41 and B+W

Normal Service is 48 hours
Rush Service is 24 hours (price x2)

220mm film requires 2 proofs per roll
4×5mm film allows 4 images per proof

Our team of experts is always ready to answer your questions. Let us know how we can help.