Fine Art Printing
Picto has specialized in fine art printing for over 60 years. Now sharing our expertise with New York Photographers and advertisers, we offer a carefully selected collection of fine art and photo papers to choose from, while also providing museum quality prints. Our advanced technology allows us to assure quality as well as accelerate the printing process. We pride ourselves on our personalized service by working closely with photographers to ensure the best print results from their files and based on the purpose of the prints. Because of this, if you need a paper that is not on our immediate list, we will provide it for you.
Mounting and Framing
Great photos deserve to be displayed prominently. Mounting your prints correctly will protect your work from acidic damage in the air or walls. Your mounting choice depends on the importance of the photo, how it is printed, and the desired display options.
Film Processing
At PICTO, we understand that high definition scanning requires specific equipment and efficient know how. We digitally analyze an image from a negative, a positive, or an opaque document, and retrieve a digital file. We use professional equipment as Creo Eversmart Supreme, Kodak HR 500, Epson 10000 XL scanner. Our scanning service includes spotting, color and density correction, and CD/DVD or upload via We Transfer.
Picto Studio