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Exhibition November 11, 2019 Jean-François Bouchard, In Guns We Trust

In the exhibition In Guns We Trust, Jean-François Bouchard’s fleet of cinematic photographs, found objects, and video carve out a complex image of American gun culture deep in the heart of Arizona. Eerily lit, taken from aerial views, these vivid images relay the effects of a culture on the land while offering panoramic insight into a social sphere otherwise concealed.

Exhibition November 8, 2019 The Road to Potosí: Bolivian High Desert

Gwen Norton travelled through Bolivia to photograph its magnificent and most remote landscapes. His series of images is currently on view at Rogue Space, in New York, in an exhibition printed by Picto.

I dreamed of seeing Bolivia. It is one of the highest and most remote nations in South America. Despite being one of the world’s poorest countries, Bolivia is rich in cultural diversity and natural resources. Drawn by its isolation and the difficulty of travel, I wanted to go and try to capture its essence.

Exhibition November 6, 2019 Once. Again. Photographs in Series

Photographers often record change through images in series, registering transformations in the world around them. This exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles features both historical and contemporary artists who have photographed faces and places over minutes, months, or years. Their artworks prompt reflection on the ways the passage of time impacts how we see people and spaces.

Exhibition November 4, 2019 Marc Yankus: New York Unseen

In his continuing investigation into the architecture of New York City, Marc Yankus’ newest photographs present the stalwart buildings of the city isolated from people, traffic, and extraneous information. Celebrating the majesty of more than a century of urban architecture, “New York Unseen”, on view at ClamArt in New York, incorporates many of the city’s most-recognizable structures coupled with those in unpretentious neighborhood settings.

Exhibition October 28, 2019 April Dawn Alison’s Playful Polaroids

This exhibition, on view at SF MoMA, draws from a trove of approximately 9,200 Polaroids by April Dawn Alison that were made over the course of more than thirty years and discovered upon the artist’s death. These extraordinary pictures—virtually all of them self-portraits—explore a wide range of feminine archetypes drawn from advertising, motion pictures, and fetish and pornographic imagery, revealing a rich inner life filled with as much humor as pathos, as much joy as loneliness.

Exhibition October 25, 2019 Mana: 60 Years of All Blacks Photography

In Māori culture, mana is honor. For the All Blacks and many New Zealanders, to have mana is to have one of the highest honors bestowed upon a person. Drawing upon the Māori concept of mana, a new exhibition in New York surveys the All Blacks, New Zealand’s male rugby union team and the most successful international sporting team of all time, maintaining a 77% win rate since their formation in 1903 and currently participating to the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Exhibition October 24, 2019 The Female Lens

Co-Printed by Picto, Richard Taittinger Gallery is excited to welcome the new International Center for Photography to the Lower East Side with their first group photography exhibition. The Female Lens seeks to explore how the female gaze informs the construction of images and the construction of identity. The images included in this show seek to explore how women see women and to interrogate ideas of femininity, camaraderie, gender, privilege, oppression as well as the other themes that women navigate consciously or unconsciously on a near daily basis.

Exhibition October 22, 2019 Jane Evelyn Atwood, Paris Red Light 1976-1979

American- born Paris-based photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood (b. 1947) is now represented in New York by L. Parker Stephenson Photographs and the gallery opens its season with “Paris Red Light 1976-1979”, an exhibition of mostly vintage work from her first two series; “Rue des Lombards” (1976-1977) and “Pigalle People” (1978-1979).

Exhibition October 19, 2019 Quentin Shih, Familiars

In “Familiars”, a series of photographs on view at Galerie XII in Los Angeles, Beijing-based artist Quentin Shih explores the complex relationship each of us has with our memories and the need to confront impactful moments in our past, which may or may not lead to truthful representations.

Exhibition October 16, 2019 Jean-Pierre Sudre’s Enigmatic Tableaux

A masterful technician in the darkroom, Jean-Pierre Sudre was enamored by the wonders of nature and the possibilities of photography. In the late 1950s he began to employ and create innovative techniques to amplify the abstract and visualize the building blocks of nature. This exhibition features these abstractions which exemplify his wonderment as well as his spiritual and metaphysical concerns.

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