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Exhibition May 24, 2019 Celebrating 30 years of South African Engaged Photography

It’s been 30 years since South-African photographer David Goldblatt founded the non-profit photography education center Market Photo Workshop (MPW) in Johannesburg in 1989. An exhibition at Bronx Documentary Center in New York honors MPW’s three decades of photography, multimedia training programs, and public programming to help bring photography to the forefront of social consciousness in South Africa and around the world.

Exhibition May 21, 2019 Deborah Turbeville’s intimate collages

Deborah Turbeville (American, 1932-2013) is known for her iconoclastic fashion photographs, elaborate tableaux that depict brooding, introspective models wearing haute-couture clothing and posed in barren, desolate settings. Her pictures were widely published in the editorial pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, Nova, Mirabella, The New York Times Magazine, and other major publications.

Exhibition May 13, 2019 Evariste Richer’s Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold, the title of an exhibition at Emmanuel Barbault Gallery in New York, is also the common name for pyrite, etymologically meaning “fire stone” in ancient Greek. This name dates back to the days of the gold rush, and the fact that those prospectors confused this relatively valueless stone with the gold-bearing ore which they desperately hoped to unearth. All that glisters is not gold, but, fateful irony, pyrite does contain minute traces of it.

Exhibition May 9, 2019 Lessons of the Hour, by Isaac Julien

On view in April at Metro Pictures in New York, Isaac Julien’s visionary ten-screen film installation “Lessons of the Hour” explored the incomparable achievements of America’s foremost abolitionist figure. After escaping slavery in Maryland, Frederick Douglass gained celebrity on the abolitionist circuit as an extraordinary orator, becoming the most photographed American of the 19th century.

Exhibition May 6, 2019 Pamela Berkovic: A Woman’s Eye

For the first time ever, Belgian photographer Pamela Berkovic will exhibit her photographs, reflecting her feminine eye, in Belgium. At the Keitelman Gallery, the exhibition “A Woman’s Eye” takes visitors backstage at the biggest fashion shows, as well as in the clubs of strip-tease, or in the rehearsals of Bolshoi dancers.

Exhibition May 2, 2019 Claude Tolmer, Photographiques

French graphic artist and art director Claude Tolmer (1911-1991) was part of a generation of early 20th century European photographers, including Man Ray and Moholy-Nagy, for whom the advertising image and fine art photography were in dialogue with one another, or simply impossible to separate…

Exhibition April 29, 2019 Beyond Boundaries: LensCulture Discoveries in Contemporary Photography

Currently on view at Aperture Gallery in New York and curated by LensCulture, “Beyond Boundaries” is an expansive exhibition of recent discoveries in contemporary photography. Curated in part by leading editors, curators, thought leaders, and artists, is is an inclusive group show that doubles as both a celebration and a survey of global image making today.

Exhibition April 22, 2019 André Kertész, From his Window

Following his move in 1952 to a 12th story apartment overlooking Washington Square Park, the 56-year-old Hungarian emigrant André Kertész would begin a series of modernist masterworks shot from his window that he would continue until his death in 1985.

Exhibition April 18, 2019 Remembering Childhood During the Vietnam War, by Pipo Nguyen-duy

While working as a Guggenheim fellow to document Vietnamese war amputees in 2012, Pipo Nguyen-duy began working on his series “(My) East of Eden”
in the Mekong Delta. This project is
the artist’s attempt to reclaim his childhood memories of growing up in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Exhibition April 16, 2019 Portraits of Colette by Masters of Photography

Vintage portraits of the French author Colette are currently on view in New York. They were made by the great photojournalists of her era including Irving Penn, Edward Steichen, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Andre Kertesz, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Cecil Beaton, Lee Miller and others.

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