Marc Yankus: New York Unseen

November 4, 2019


In his continuing investigation into the architecture of New York City, Marc Yankus’ newest photographs present the stalwart buildings of the city isolated from people, traffic, and extraneous information.

Celebrating the majesty of more than a century of urban architecture, “New York Unseen”, on view at ClamArt in New York, incorporates many of the city’s most-recognizable structures coupled with those in unpretentious neighborhood settings.

©Marc Yankus, "Metropolitan Museum", 2018
©Marc Yankus, "NY Public Library", 2018

Panoramic shots of such iconic subjects as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the main branch of the New York Public Library share Yankus’ vision with majestic residences including The Dakota and One Fifth Avenue and more homely subjects like a fence in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and a streetscape in the West Village.

©Marc Yankus, "Edge of West Village", 2018

Some of the work is shot head-on with precise symmetry and other views are dramatic, with oblique, aerial perspectives, providing views of famous buildings and familiar city streets from a decidedly unfamiliar vantage point. By eliminating movement and distraction, the artist distills his subjects down to their pure essence, revealing their souls and recognizing them as witnesses to the change of time.

©Marc Yankus, "Flatiron From Above", 2019

“In my portraits of New York’s buildings, I aim to mute some of the visual noise that can distract from their essential beauty, allowing the viewer to see the entirety of each building and in the process helping them see the city anew,” writes Yankus. “They are captive subjects, frozen in time, with history etched on their surfaces and inside the buildings themselves.”

The exhibition at ClampArt coincides with a solo show of Marc Yankus’ work at Grand Central Terminal. Organized by MTA Arts and Design, the exhibition is titled “Landmark City”, and will be on display in the lower level Dining Concourse through July 2020.

©Marc Yankus, "Solomon R Guggenheim Museum", 2018

Marc Yankus: New York Unseen

October 3—November 16, 2019
247 W 29th Street
New York, NY 10001


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