Mary McCartney: From the Print Drawer

June 21, 2019


Mary McCartney was born in London in 1969. Her photographs have been focused on discovering those rare moments of unguarded, emotionally charged intimacy that offers us a new insight to the subject. Her work has concentrated on the world of portrait and candid reportage photography and is suffused with a deep personal investment that captures the creative chemistry between Mary and her subjects.

"Shiny Shoes," 2019 - ©Mary McCartney

She responds to her wide variety of subjects as spontaneously as they are studied, thanks to her distinctive style and talent for encapsulating the inspirations, vulnerability, histories and personalities of her subjects. “From the Print Drawer“, an exhibition currently on view in New Orleans is a collection of thirty photographs of her personal favorites.

"Balloons on Ceiling" 2019 ©Mary McCartney

Mary McCartney: From the Print Drawer

May 23- August 1, 2019
Gallery For Fine Photography
241 Chartres St.
New Orleans, LA 70130


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