Michael Light’s Full Moon

September 28, 2019


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 this summer, Danziger Gallery exhibits a selection of works from “Full Moon”, artist Michael Light’s seminal and celebrated 1999 NASA archival edit that has defined lunar photography ever since.

© Michael Light, from the project FULL MOON, 1999

Digging into 33,000 images made by the astronauts on the Apollo and Gemini missions of the 1960s and early 70’s, Light selected pictures with an sense of photographic history, creating a single journey to the moon and back that highlights the moon as much as a place unto itself, as an event.

© Michael Light, from the project FULL MOON, 1999
©Michael Light, from the project FULL MOON, 1999

The first person to gain permission to scan NASA masters at film-grain resolution, Light’s scans and the direct-digital Lightjet prints made from them remain the finest prints available. Landscape representation, geology, and a light sharper than anything human eyes evolved to perceive, all reveal a ravishing place largely hidden behind the visual clichés of national dominance and technological triumph that we have all come to know over the last half century.

© Michael Light, from the project FULL MOON, 1999

Light’s book, “Full Moon” was published globally in eight editions in 1999, and another four in 2002.

Michael Light, Full Moon

Danziger Gallery
980 Madison Ave Unit 301
New York, NY 10075


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