Sarah Moon: Transcendence of Fashion

August 26, 2019


In Santa Monica, California, Peter Fetterman’s summer show explores French photographer Sarah Moon’s dynamic and ethereal body of work spanning well over thirty years.

©Sarah Moon (France, born 1941) L'inconnue, 2011

Initially a model, Moon started her career in photography in the 1970s by taking pictures of her close friends in the industry. She’d soon after becoming the first woman to shoot the esteemed Pirelli Calendar. Since then, Moon has produced photographs for Chanel, Comme des Garçons, Dior, and Vogue Magazine.

©Sarah Moon (France, born 1941) Teresa S., 1996

When it comes to discussing her own process, Moon says: “I start from nothing, I make up a story which is left untold, I imagine a situation which doesn’t exist, I wipe out a space to invent another, I shift the light, I render unreal and then I try. I watch out for what I didn’t expect. I wait to see what I can’t remember. I undo what I put together, I hope for luck, but more than anything, I long to be touched as I shoot.” 

©Sarah Moon (France, born 1941) "Anonyme", 2013

Sarah Moon: Transcendence of Fashion

Peter Fetterman Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, #A1
Santa Monica, CA 90404


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