At PICTO, we understand that high definition scanning requires specific equipment and efficient know how. We digitally analyze an image from a film, a print, or any document, and retrieve a digital file. We use professional equipment as Hasselblad (Imacon) Flextight X5 for film and Epson 12000 XL scanner for film and prints or document up to 12" x 17". Our scanning service includes spotting, color and density correction, and High Resolution file transfer.

When should you use scanning?

Scan your negative or old photos to keep digital and "imperishable" copies.
Print as many photos as you want directly from your HD File. This method is an affordable option to traditional darkroom printing from a negative.
For archive and small prints (up to 11×14”) you can ask for a 40mb file. However, if you want to keep the best definition from your original image to be able to print larger sizes, you should ask for 85mb file or higher.
Our team of experts is always ready to answer your questions. Let us know how we can help.