The LGBTQ community in Japan, as seen by Michel Delsol

January 31, 2019


The LGBTQ community in Japan has faced its challenges. Even as some religious and warrior orders have a long and recognized tradition of same-sex love, to be considered different, to be “the nail that sticks out,” makes coming out difficult.

© Michel Delsol

Despite the conservative strain within Japanese society that encourages the LGBTQ community to remain unseen, a welcome change is happening on the ground. A number of queer cultural figures are opening up new horizons, and a growing majority of Japanese people believe that homosexuality should be an integral and open part of society.

© Michel Delsol

“Edges of the Rainbow”, by Michel Delsol, is an intimate photographic glimpse into the queer world behind the closed doors of modern Japanese society. These images are currently exhibited in Nigata, Japan and available in a book of more than 150 color and black-and-white photographs. Photographer Michel Delsol and journalist Haruku Shinozaki have brought together a fascinating group of individuals to create an unforgettable and uplifting look at a proud and resilient community on the margins of Japanese society.

© Michel Delsol
© Michel Delsol

“Takahashi is our child so I want to support him in any decision he makes… Depression isn’t the answer; treat your child as a human being, not a possession,” says the mother of a trans man photographed in the book.

© Michel Delsol

Edges of the Rainbow

Until January 31, 2019
Yorotto Rossa Gallery
Nishiborimaedori 7 Bancho,
Chuo Ward, Niigata

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